Title Modified Date
Articles module

The articles module allows you to set up your news the way you want. We have several layouts available that all can be customized to your needs.

07 May 2019
Basic setup

This template makes use of Bootstrap 3. This is not loaded from a CDN but included in the install. So no dependencies what so ever. Extensive Bootstrap documentation can be found on the bootstrap website. So first get into that before popping any questions ;-) 

06 December 2018
Bootstrap Block

This module can do just about anything with content. It is very versatile.

08 January 2019
Bootstrap gallery

The bootstrap gallery module we have created works fine with our bootstrap templates. It's responsive and full of options.

08 January 2019
Bootstrap nav module

Setting up this module, enable it on all pages in the MENU position, and this is the essential top bar. Part of the free bundle, it holds an off-canvas menu for mobile navigation, integrated.

08 January 2019

Includes over 250 glyphs in font format from the Glyphicon Halflings set. Glyphicons Halflings are normally not available for free, but their creator has made them available for Bootstrap free of cost. As a thank you, we only ask that you include a link back t ...

06 December 2018
JoonextPro is responsive

JoonextPro is built with Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that builds responsive, mobile-first websites. With a mobile-first approach at its core, its grid system forces designers to create sites for small screens, th ...

19 December 2018
Jumbotron module

Publish this module in the SHOWCASE position, on all pages, or just the homepage.

08 January 2019
Jumbotron video module

Publish this module in the SHOWCASE position, on all pages, or just the homepage. You can setup the background color-image and the text ( Header and slogan) with a CTA button also.

08 January 2019
Menu's dissapearing on (double) click

if for some reason your menu's or other navigation elements disappear on a (double) click, this could be a bootstrap issue. In the template folder inside the js folder resided a boostrap.js file that needs to be modified. We have not done this in an update, because it is not happening on all site ...

08 May 2019
Simple contact form

The simple contact form module allows you to quickly and easily set up a contact form on your website. 

08 January 2019
Slideshow module

This module can be published where you like. for fullscreen sliders, publish it in the SHOWCASE position.

08 January 2019
Testimonials module

This module allows you to add testimonials to your website.

28 April 2019
Transparent header on homepage

The template has several options to layout your menu. You can do this by configuring the bootstrap nav module position.

17 December 2018