Title Modified Date
Apply color to single menu

To apply a color to a single menu item, first get the ID or the menu item.

06 December 2018
Box shadow on elements

In order to create a box shadow on certain elements you can use CSS. This tutorial explains how you can create a neat shadow for your boxes.

08 December 2018
Custom code/css

Adding custom css or custom code to the template can be done without tempering with template files. The template has this feature built right in. You can go to your template, and select the tab cutom css or custom code.

06 December 2018
Images scale wrong on mobile

In order to have your image scale correctly on all viewports, you have to do the following. 

17 December 2018
JoonextPro is responsive

JoonextPro is built with Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that builds responsive, mobile-first websites. With a mobile-first approach at its core, its grid system forces designers to create sites for small screens, th ...

19 December 2018
Responsive background image size

Setting a background image for your div is easy.

25 December 2018
Styling elements

The joonext template has lots of module positions. The great thing about them is that you can style them all individually. This post will tell you how to do that.

06 December 2018
Styling images in your articles

To style images that you use in your articles, and not elsewhere, you can easily add some CSS to your template CSS options.

08 December 2018
Utility classes

In order to reduce your amount of work, and make your work more consistent, we have added lots of utility classes to our template.

20 December 2018