Title Modified Date
Animated counter

The animated counter module lets you show your clients how much work you have completed.

08 January 2019
Articles module

The articles module allows you to set up your news the way you want. We have several layouts available that all can be customized to your needs.

07 May 2019
Bootstrap Block

This module can do just about anything with content. It is very versatile.

08 January 2019
Bootstrap gallery

The bootstrap gallery module we have created works fine with our bootstrap templates. It's responsive and full of options.

08 January 2019
Bootstrap nav module

Setting up this module, enable it on all pages in the MENU position, and this is the essential top bar. Part of the free bundle, it holds an off-canvas menu for mobile navigation, integrated.

08 January 2019
Calendar module

JooNext brings you the calendar module! With repeatable custom fields you can add up to 200 entries in the calendar, all inside the module interface.

08 January 2019
Carousel module

The carousel module allows you to play a carousel of images in a moving slideshow across a module position. It is easy to set up, and can hold up to 15 slides. 

08 January 2019
Countdown timer

Use this handy module to create a countdown timer on your website. It is loaded with options.

08 January 2019
Creating a mega-menu

With the latest bootstrap nav module (V1.4 and on) the option of a mega-menu has been introduced. First, you set the menu width's to your liking. there are 2. The submenu width, and the mega-menu width. Once done, you can start publishing sub-menus. Simply add the term 'mega-menu' in the link-tit ...

08 May 2019
Easy Iframer module

No hassle with editors that do not allow iframes to be embedded. Just use this module to embed your iframe anywhere on your page. 

08 January 2019
Embed PDF files

This module allows you not only to link a pdf file, that is somehting you do not need a module for, but to embed the file. The main advantage of this is that your PDF file will instantly show when the page loads.

08 January 2019
Get google maps Api key

Follow this steps to acquire a Google Maps Api Key and then add it to your Joonext Settings.

03 December 2018
Google maps markers

This module enables you to set several markers based on addresses on a google map. Very useful if you want to show your shops, or your offices on a map.

08 January 2019
Google translate

Use the power of Google Translate for your Joomla! website, and turn your site into a multilingual website with this module!

08 January 2019
Horizontal Timeline

The horizontal timeline module allows you to create a fully responsive timeline for your website.

29 August 2019
Image compare module

Our all-new responsive image compare module lets you compare 2 images with a slider.

19 March 2019
Instagram feed module

The instagram feed module allowes you to easily publish your instagram feed on your website.

08 January 2019
Instagram instafeed.js

The Instagram instafeed.js module allows you to easily publish your Instagram feed on your website.

07 May 2019
Instagram user ID

For the Instagram feed JS module to work properly, you need an Instagram ID for the account you want to show. Not only do you need the ID but also an Instagram Token.

03 December 2018
IP blocking module

This module blocks all IP's other than the ones you enter. So it's a very strong tool to keep your site safe.

10 May 2019