Title Modified Date
Jumbotron module

Publish this module in the SHOWCASE position, on all pages, or just the homepage.

08 January 2019
Jumbotron video module

Publish this module in the SHOWCASE position, on all pages, or just the homepage. You can setup the background color-image and the text ( Header and slogan) with a CTA button also.

08 January 2019
Lightbox gallery

This JooNext module is as easy as it gets! Just select a folder in your images folder, and it is instantly transformed to a responsive lightbox gallery.

08 January 2019
Open Streetmaps Markers

The Open Street Map markers module allows you to place a map with pointers on your website.

05 April 2019
Pixaybay Grid

Place a pixabay grid in a module position on your website in seconds. You can even create a complete stock-image website from this module by publishing it on various pages showing various search results.

08 January 2019
Simple contact form

The simple contact form module allows you to quickly and easily set up a contact form on your website. 

08 January 2019
Slideshow module

This module can be published where you like. for fullscreen sliders, publish it in the SHOWCASE position.

08 January 2019
Social icons

The social icons module allows you to put links from up to 20 social networks on your site.

08 January 2019
Testimonials module

This module allows you to add testimonials to your website.

28 April 2019
Vulnerable Extensions

This administrator module allows you to stay informed on vulnerable extensions.

16 August 2019
Whatsapp Icon

Use the power of the web app from WhatsApp to interact with your clients.

08 January 2019
World times module

Add world times to your website with this module! You can select up to 60 different cities, create a unique layout, have a marquee option, and show dates optionally.

08 January 2019
Youtube embed module

Embedding a youtube movie can be a real pain. Now we have the embed module that does this with great ease.

16 August 2019
Youtube Video Carousel

The Youtube Video Carousel module allows you to set up a Youtube video playlist yourself. Enter as many videos as you want.

13 September 2019