Title Modified Date
Bootstrap Block 1.1

Small typo update. No functional changes.

19 March 2019
Bootstrap block 1.3

Various updates, and improvements:

  • added font awesome icons with color, size and animation option;
  • added an option to set border colors and widths;
  • added an option to set background parallax;
  • added an option for top and bottom padding;
  • change ...
04 April 2019
Bootstrap block 1.4

This update brings the social icons to the bootstrap block. You can now also use this very versatile module for publishing employees. See for an example.



26 August 2019
Bootstrap nav 1.4

V1.4 brings updates.

  • Updated module with more function: mega-menu. Create a multi column submenu.
  • Better mobile menu
  • Clickabel parent menu's
13 May 2019
Bootstrap nav 1.5

Bootstrap nav 1.5 brings the hide option to the menu. When creating a menu enabling the option 'do not display', this now works.

26 August 2019
Carousel module 1.01

Small jquery update to carousel module. no impact when updating. No data is lost.

26 March 2019
Donwloads module

V 1.0 This module allows you to simply turn any subfolder of /images into a downloadable folder.

12 July 2019
Enterprise Charts module

The Joonext Enterprise Charts module is based on charts.js, and allows for very fast deployment of charts.

19 March 2019
Google Translate V 1.1

Small update. 

fixed: wrong function called.

07 May 2019
Image compare module

Our all-new responsive image compare module lets you compare 2 images with a slider.

19 March 2019
Joonext Comments

Joonext Comments allows you to enable a comment section on any article. This is a very versatile module, allowing your users to interact with what you publish.

19 March 2019
JoonextPro 1.03

This release adds a one-page option, that allows you to scroll to your items all on 1 page. Small updates in custom module CSS options. Check the documentation on how to setup a one-page website with JoonextPro.

27 March 2019
Joonextpro 1.04

This update brings the option to set a color over a background image inside your row layout. Various small options are improved. You can update this template. 

26 April 2019
JoonextPro 1.05

Small template update bugfixes and new features.

  • Each module position can now be animated via layout overrides.

If you experience layout issues, please go to your template, and press 'save' once. Then all your settings are in order.

08 May 2019
Joonextpro 1.06

Small update for the html/modules.php. You can update without any loss of settings or data.

15 October 2019
Joonextpro 1.07

New in this version:

  • Update scripts for one-page layout websites
  • Small CSS upgrades / bugfixes
  • Added option to have a boxed layout instead of only wide

You can update without any loss of settings or data. If you run into issues, open the template ...

18 June 2020
Jumbotron 1.1

This is a manual download. The update path was mixed up and this is fixed now. Mod_jn_jumbotron has been updated to v.1.1. New: Admin template, and an image layer color. Please check this after install. it could hold a preset hex-color and this can mess up your jumbotron. Simply set it once to rb ...

02 May 2019
Lightbox gallery 1.01

This holds a small jQuery code update, removing possible javascript conflicts. Can be updated, no data is lost.

02 April 2019
Lightbox Gallery 1.02

Small update in relative paths. You can update without problems.

06 May 2019
mod_jn_faq 1.01 update

Small update: bugfixed a closing div, and added the editor field to the faq section instead of textarea.

Can update, nothing is lost.


21 September 2019