Title Modified Date
Pixabay image search

The Pixabay image search adds an editor button to your editor.

19 March 2019
Portfolio module

The Joonextpro portfolio module allows you to quickly add a portfolio to your website.

19 March 2019
Social icons V1.01

Fixed a small typo, update as usual.

29 October 2019
Testimonials module V 1.01

Bootstrap carousel updates, adding the module id enabling more than 1 use per page. Update causes no data loss.


21 September 2019
Universal Carousel

The universal carousel module is easy to use. it is very configurable, to suit your every need.

13 September 2019
Vulnerable Extensions

This administrator module allows you to stay informed on vulnerable extensions.

16 August 2019
Youtube embed module

Embedding a youtube movie can be a real pain. Now we have the embed module that does this with great ease.

16 August 2019
Youtube Video Carousel

The Youtube Video Carousel module allows you to set up a Youtube video playlist yourself. Enter as many videos as you want.

13 September 2019

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