Social Media

Title Modified Date
Facebook comments

This plugin allows you to add the power of Facebook comments to your website. Everyone uses facebook almost daily. You often are logged on and can comment instantly.

11 May 2019
Instagram feed module

The instagram feed module allowes you to easily publish your instagram feed on your website.

08 January 2019
Instagram instafeed.js

The Instagram instafeed.js module allows you to easily publish your Instagram feed on your website.

07 May 2019
Instagram user ID

For the Instagram feed JS module to work properly, you need an Instagram ID for the account you want to show. Not only do you need the ID but also an Instagram Token.

03 December 2018
Social icons

The social icons module allows you to put links from up to 20 social networks on your site.

08 January 2019
Testimonials module

This module allows you to add testimonials to your website.

28 April 2019
Twitter card and open graph

The JoonextPro template has a twittercard and open graph options built in the com_content. This makes sharing your pages even easier! The template has some general website settings you can enter, and each article itself has unique settings.

07 December 2018
Whatsapp Icon

Use the power of the web app from WhatsApp to interact with your clients.

08 January 2019