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Add icons to you menu

If you want to add icons to your menu items, we offer this option within our template. Joomla itself has the option to add an image, in the menu tab. If you add an image there, the image will be shown in the corresponding menu item.

06 December 2018
Basic setup

This template makes use of Bootstrap 3. This is not loaded from a CDN but included in the install. So no dependencies what so ever. Extensive Bootstrap documentation can be found on the bootstrap website. So first get into that before popping any questions ;-) 

06 December 2018
Bootstrap nav module

Setting up this module, enable it on all pages in the MENU position, and this is the essential top bar. Part of the free bundle, it holds an off-canvas menu for mobile navigation, integrated.

08 January 2019
Change search result page

The default Joomla search result page shows all the search options before it shows the results you have searched for. In order to change this, all you need to do is one simple CSS hack.

12 December 2018
Change website font

With version 1 through 1.05 you had a pulldown. Due to ever-changing font's and backend loading times, we have decided to skip the pulldowns and let you enter the fonts yourself.

10 May 2019
Change your favicon

The icon which appears in your browser tab or the navigation bar on your site is called the favicon. You can edit this image by uploading your favicon.ico to the root of your template folder (../templates/joonextpro/favicon.ico), replacing the existing favicon.ico if it already exists.

03 December 2018
Changing fonts

There are several options to set your font. First off, in the template of course. There is a typography tab that you use to set most font things. Here you can choose a google font for your text and headers, this will become the default website settings. 

06 December 2018
Create a onepage website with JoonextPro

This article explains how to create a one-page website with joonextpro. A one-page website is a website, or a homepage, with a fixed menubar that lets you navigate your menu items all on 1 page.

27 March 2019
Create favicons

To have your own favicons, also for mobile etc. in order, you can visit the website https://realfavicongenerator.net/. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can use this website.

  • You can upload your favicon there (preferably a ...
08 January 2019
Custom code/css

Adding custom css or custom code to the template can be done without tempering with template files. The template has this feature built right in. You can go to your template, and select the tab cutom css or custom code.

06 December 2018
From free to pro

Once you have tried the free version of the template, and want to go pro and have downloaded the pro-files, you can proceed as follows:

10 March 2019
Homepage setup

Setting up the homepage is not a difficult process, you just need to follow the steps below.

19 December 2018
Infinite scroll

With Joonext we have the option to embed a plugin (paid from another party) that allows you to use infinite scroll on your blog categroy lists. The plugin used is the Ajax infinity scroll plugin that you can download from ...

06 December 2018
Joonextpro 1.06

Small update for the html/modules.php. You can update without any loss of settings or data.

15 October 2019
Joonextpro 1.07

New in this version:

  • Update scripts for one-page layout websites
  • Small CSS upgrades / bugfixes
  • Added option to have a boxed layout instead of only wide

You can update without any loss of settings or data. If you run into issues, open the template ...

18 June 2020
JoonextPro basics

This page shows you all available JoonextPro temnplate options. Each tab corresponds with the tab in the template section.

12 December 2018
JoonextPro is responsive

JoonextPro is built with Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that builds responsive, mobile-first websites. With a mobile-first approach at its core, its grid system forces designers to create sites for small screens, th ...

19 December 2018
Jumbotron video module

Publish this module in the SHOWCASE position, on all pages, or just the homepage. You can setup the background color-image and the text ( Header and slogan) with a CTA button also.

08 January 2019
Module positions

With 65+ module positions, your creativity is without limits! Below you will find a cheat sheet for your modules! Each row has its own full-width container, with lots of options to set, like background-image, background-color, opacity, and parallax effect.

13 December 2018
Native Joomla tabs and sliders

Joomla itself has the option to work with tabs in your content. This tutorial will explain how this works.

09 December 2018