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Reset your Joomla Password

Resetting your password if you have forgotten it, can be done via Cpanel or DirectAdmin. You need at least access to the hosting environment of your website.  Once you have that, you can go into the phpmyadmin section, to access your Joomla database.

  1. Log into your Cpanel& ...
12 December 2018
Set a logo for each language

The logo is set in a module position, named logo, or logo-menubar. Each module has the option to select a language.

08 December 2018
Set template width

You can set your template width in the template options. Go to 'Styling' and the first option you have under general is the width of the main container.

This holds the width of your website. The default is 1150 (px) you can change this to your liking. Under the module positions, you can s ...

08 December 2018
Set your default template

To change the default Template for the Site (Front-end) or Administrator (Back-end), follow these steps.

10 December 2018
Setting up the footer

The footer of the site has several options you can use. Let's check them out! First off, we have to determine where the footer starts.

13 December 2018
Transparent header on homepage

The template has several options to layout your menu. You can do this by configuring the bootstrap nav module position.

17 December 2018
Twitter card and open graph

The JoonextPro template has a twittercard and open graph options built in the com_content. This makes sharing your pages even easier! The template has some general website settings you can enter, and each article itself has unique settings.

07 December 2018
Utility classes

In order to reduce your amount of work, and make your work more consistent, we have added lots of utility classes to our template.

20 December 2018