Joonext Comments allows you to enable a comment section on any article. This is a very versatile module, allowing your users to interact with what you publish.

Main Features:

  • To use as a module, so it can be placed wherever you want to;
  • With Joomla default publishing options of modules, you can quickly set a menu or section of articles to have this option enabled to;
  • The module creates its own table to store the comments in;
  • Easy layout options, allowing you to set colors for just about any option;
  • Double captcha built in, optional to use (spam honeypot and a numeric caption);
  • ACL integrated: Administrators can remove unwanted comments directly from within the comment section of the article;
  • ACL integrated: When logged on, username and email are set automatically, very easy for intranet usage;
  • ACL integrated: You can have members only comment section or a public comment section;
  • Email notification: Moderators can be notified when a comment has been placed, an can act on it if they want to;
  • Foldable comment form, removing unwanted clutter on your page, only showing the comment form when clicking on it;
  • Optional bootstrap and jquery loading;
  • Fields can be named as you want, enabling the comment section to be set up in your language;
  • GDPR compliant: users must agree to a privacy policy that you can link yourself.

Adding a comment section to your Joomla website has never been easier!