V 1.0 This module allows you to simply turn any subfolder of /images into a downloadable folder.

Simply select the folder, upload your documents, tweak some settings and you are done.


  • Being a module allows your downloads to be ACL based. You can publish the module and set rights to it;
  • Select a folder, and make its contents downloadable;
  • Publish more than 1 instance on the same page, making more folders downloadable;
  • Set options such as column names, colors, and icons ( a folder for PDF files: select a PDF icon, a folder for DOC files, select a DOC icon, etc);
  • Optionally load font awesome if not loaded already;
  • Show filenames;
  • Show file sizes;

Very handy and easy to use!

Demo downloads

There are demo PDF files
114 kb
114 kb
114 kb
114 kb


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