The horizontal timeline module allows you to create a fully responsive timeline for your website.

You can add as many entries as you want, change the layout and colors, and easily publish a timeline.


  • set as many entries as you want;
  • auto horizontal scrolling via arrows;
  • optionally load font-awesome;
  • change colors;
  • change padding.

Publish as any other module you want! Check out the example below.

Demo of the JoonextPro timeline module

History of Holland


  1. Harry Houdini escaped from police station in Amsterdam
  2. Zuyderzee Flood caused by dike breaks
  3. Dutch women received right to vote
  4. Netherlands joined NATO
  5. European community leaders met in Maastricht, agreed to begin using single currency by 1999
  6. Euro officially replaced Dutch guilder; prime minister Wim Kok's government resigned; anti-immigration party leader, Pim Fortuyn killed by gunman; Balkenende became prime minister; government collapsed three months later; eight men detained for providing financial aid, logistical services to al Qaeda
  7. 200,000 demonstrated in Amsterdam, protested public spending cuts, welfare reforms; filmmaker, Theo van Gogh, murdered after receiving death threats about movie "Submission"; Dutch police raided Kurdish training camp in southern Netherlands, 29 arrested
  8. Amsterdam authorities announced plan to close half the city's brothels in effort to drive organized crime from city centre.