This module blocks all IP's other than the ones you enter. So it's a very strong tool to keep your site safe.

This module can be published anywhere. It has no output. JoonextPro has a 'debug' module position you can use.

Screenshot 2018-12-09 18.22.37.jpg

What it does is block all IP's by default, and it only allows the IP's you enter to pass through. What kind of real-life cases can you think of?

  • intranet systems built with Joomla;
  • development environments not ready for public access;
  • restrict certain pages

What it does not do:

  • it does not limit access to your administration area; We have an enterprise module available for this, please contact us for more information.
  • it does not limit access to your folder structures, for instance, images can be linked externally, if the exact URL is known.

Simply put in the IP's with access, and set a message for visitors that do not have access, and you are set to go!

if you want access for a range of IP numbers, simply do the following:

For range through just add the following to the field that holds the IP's with access: 152.22.22.

Now the entire range has access.