The Open Street Map markers module allows you to place a map with pointers on your website.

The pointers are address based and translated into Lat and Lon codes. Very easy to use!
It is the OpenStreetMap copy of our Google Module (


  • Place map in my module position;
  • Use without any API key required;
  • Adjust height, with is always 100%;
  • Upload your own marker or use the default one;
  • Set the size of the marker;
  • Set the size of popup;
  • You can set up to 200 markers in one map, based on addresses;
  • Set your home address for the map
  • Set a fallback Lat and Lon code, if any address fails the address to latitude-longitude conversion, the default ones are taken, to prevent maps not loading.
  • Each marker can hold text, link, and image;
  • Makes use of OpenLayers V2, completely free and open-source.

To add an address, see image 2, simply do it as follows:

  • Try to be as complete and short as possible;
  • Only use a-z and 1-9, nothing else;
  • for instance: '500 Pearl street New York' or '770 Broadway New York';
  • Always check the map after you have added a marker, to check if the address to latitude-longitude conversion has gone as intended.

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