The Pixabay image search adds an editor button to your editor.

This button enables a popup that shows you Pixabay images. You can search them, download them and drag them into your content. Just as simple as that.

Check out the video below: installing, activating and using the plugin (set to fullscreen and HD quality):

Key features

  • Joomla default editor button, integrates into any editor;
  • Uses Pixabay for images;
  • Images are downloaded with unique, SEO friendly names, based on their Pixabay tags;
  • You can download in 2 formats, medium (640 wide) and large (max 1280 wide) and view the image on Pixabay;
  • You can only download JPG files;
  • You can set max images to show, default search term, safe-search on or off, and lastest or best rated images to show first;
  • Simple image seach, AJAX based;
  • Image download, due to not allowing hotlilnking from Pixabay;

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