Setting up the homepage is not a difficult process, you just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Set your homepage to have the featured articles enabled. In this case you can choose to not show the content section on the homepage, and get a slick page, or if you want to, just have 1 article featured, that is shown on the homepage.
  2. Publish the mod_bootstrapnav in the MENU position; - check the boostratpnav article (Bootstrap nav module) for setting up the menu-header
  3. Publish the Joomla Search in the SEARCH position;
  4. Create a search resultpage, for the search results to be shown on;
  5. Start publishing any of the modules in any of the module positions, and making sure that the menu assignment includes the homepage.

The positions named TOP-A, TOP-B, TOP-C, TOP-D, TOP-E, TOP-F BOX, BOTTOM-A, BOTTOM-B, BOTTOM-C, BOTTOM-D, BOTTOM-E, BOTTOM-F, FOOTER can hold up to 4 modules each. Not publishing in the first (eg TOP-A-1) will not show any! If you have two in top-a publish them in TOP-A-1 and TOP-A-2. Etc. The really neat thing is that the module automatically adjust the width according to the number of published modules.

For 1 its 100% wide, for 2 each one is 50% wide, for 3 each one is 33% wide and for 4 each one is 25% wide, all fully responsive. In the template you can also choose alternative layout options, to fiddle with the width of the columns.