With 65+ module positions, your creativity is without limits! Below you will find a cheat sheet for your modules! Each row has its own full-width container, with lots of options to set, like background-image, background-color, opacity, and parallax effect.


  • If you only publish one column in the top-a position, this must be top-a-1, and not top-a-2, a-3 or a-4. this goes for all top and bottom rows. 
  • Publishing 1 column, will make it 100% wide, 2 makes 50% each, 3 makes 33% each and 4 makes 25% each within the main container, all fully responsive.
  • Each row has a 100% wide option, making it screen wide, and not template wide. 
  • Each row has padding options to set the padding per row
  • Each row has an alternative width option, to make 2 or 3 columns have a different width