There are several options to set your font. First off, in the template of course. There is a typography tab that you use to set most font things. Here you can choose a google font for your text and headers, this will become the default website settings. 

If you do not use google fonts, Arial is the default font that will be used. You have some options when using google fonts.

You can set the font family simply by typing the start, and the pulldown will autocomplete. To see what your font looks like, go to The list we use hold over 500 fonts, it could be so that the newest fonts are not shown. 

  • You can also set a font variation, for instance, you want to use Roboto as your font, and you want to have the google variations of 400,500,500i. You can add these variations in this field.
  • You can also set the default colors for your headers and text, and use a general font size in a percentage. 100% is the default, more than 105 is rarely used.
  • Each section has the option to set its own header, paragraph and link color, in the appropriate sections.
  • The menu can also be managed. This is not done in the template, but in the bootstrap navigation module (Bootstrap nav module)

And if you even want more options, the custom CSS fields are at your disposal, so you can basically do whatever you want with your typography.