The template has several options to layout your menu. You can do this by configuring the bootstrap nav module position.

More about the bootstrap nav modules and how to publish this module, please read Bootstrap nav module.

One of the options, widely used across the internet, is a transparent menu on the homepage with a background image or video. You can also do this, just follow the following steps.

  1. Publish the bootstrap nav module in the 'menu' position;
  2. Publish the jumbotron module in the 'showcase' position;
  3. Make both modules work by setting them up with your desired content.
  4. Once you have done this you can have a header looking like this:

    Screenshot 2018-12-17 09.08.39.jpg
  5. Now we need to make the header transparent:
  6. Go to bootstrap nav module > main settings, and set the 'Showcase vertical offset' value to the same height in px as your entire menu is ( the toolbar, logo bar and menubar combined);
  7. Having done this, the toolbar and logo bar become transparent:

    Screenshot 2018-12-17 09.12.05.jpg

  8. In order to make the menu transparent as well, go to the colors tab in the bootstrap nave module settings, and set the navbar opacity to full.
  9. Once that is done the navbar is transparent on the hompeage.

Things to consider:

  1. Make sure the menu colors are not lost in the background image and make sure that the background-colors of the toolbar, the logo bar and the navbar are all set. 
  2. Navigate to a page that does not hold your showcase published, normally any page but the homepage, and check the colors.

It takes some fiddling, but once you have this figured out, you can create amazing homepages.