This article explains how to create a one-page website with joonextpro. A one-page website is a website, or a homepage, with a fixed menubar that lets you navigate your menu items all on 1 page.

Once a menu is clicked, the page scrolls to the relevant menu-content, all on the same page.

NOTE: available from template version 1.03 and up.

How to setup:

  1. Enable the one-page option in the template settings - SItewide settings, enable the option Use onepage JS, and set the scroll duration.

    Screenshot 2019-03-27 18.37.02.jpg
  2. Set your menu items: Create a menu with a system link - external URL, that is something like #our-work or #contact
  3. Go to your template again where you have the option to publish content in any module row (top a through f and bottom a through f) and set an anchor name for that row. 
  4. For instance, if #contact is your last item on your one-page website, set the anchor name for bottom-f to be #contact. Publish your contact info in bottom-f-1, 2,3 and or 4. and the link is made.
  5. Check the movie below for details